1 Million Islamic Books Project! Share 1 Million Muslim Books & Audios

We are an Islamic Book Publisher for 25 years, we love sharing how the Quran Completes the Bible to Jews and Christians and atheists.  There is a hunger to learn Islam and there is a Need to Teach Islam, As Important as Civil Rights, Equality, and Peace For Your Family and Our Children. 

Share an Islamic Book Today! You can Do It! A brother or sister hungry for Education will Love it!

9 Ways You Can Support the 1 Million Islamic Books Project

Share Your Extra Qurans, Islamic Books, Audios & Videos With:

1) Your Local Library: They have their share of anti-Islamic Books, Help Your City By Sharing Your Islamic Books.


2) Share Your Digital Islamic Book PDF File or Epub File On  Islamicbook.com/library For the World To Learn Islam and Chat with Muslims who Share Your Interests.


3) Your Local Schools: Teachers and Students will be able to relate better to Muslim children and may even become brothers and sisters.


4) Your local Seminary Colleges: These are Young ladies and gentlemen who are hungry to learn about our Creator but are surrounded by anti-Islamic books, help missionaries teach for Allah.


5) Your Local men’s and women’s prisons: Some of these people are lost souls ready to repent and are usually exclusively offered to only Christian books.


6) Your Neighbors: Prophet Muhammad traveled the desert for hundreds of Miles to Share the Quran with neighboring countries, you can cross the street to share an Islamic book.


7) Your Local Churches and Synagogues: More than 70% of Preachers and Rabbis Teach that Muslims Are the Enemy to their Weekly followers, Share With These Spewers of hate speech and demonetization against Muslims the Peaceful and Loving and Holy Teachings of Islam.


8) Mail Your used Islamic Educational books to Our Free Islamic School, We Distribute the Islamic books You Share to New Muslims and Students World Wide


9) Donate $5 or more to support our Islamic Book Sharing distribution staff and to help with the shipping costs.


Share on Islamicbook.com how many Islamic Books you’ve donated and where to help keep track of the 1 Million Islamic Books Per Year Project!